Welcome to Better-Biking 2.0!

LegWheelWelcome to Better-Biking 2.0!

We are your guide to training strategies, riding techniques, and practical tips to help make you better athlete on and off the bike. This site and its content is brought to you by the cyclists of the Southern California Colavita Regional Team!

Training Strategies – 

Get faster.  Get fitter.  Get smarter.  Get better!  It’s all about finding the right training strategies for you.  Be selective.  Do research.  Beware of fads.  Ask other cyclists what they do to stay fit.  Below are our suggestions for your consideration.

Riding Techniques –

Just ride.  It’s that easy, right?  Wrong.  Sprinting. Cornering. Climbing. Descending.  Picking a line.  Riding in a group.  Blowing your nose while riding.  Yup.  Lots to learn.  Our group of experts will help you master all of these skills and many more!

Practical Tips –

How do you do that?  What works best for this?  When is the right time to ______?  Cycling is full of mysteries.  It’s also full of questionable science, useless products, and bad advice.  We won’t give you bad advice here, just tried and true ideas that work!

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