Protect Your Butt! Seven Chamois Creams Reviewed

If you ride long enough, you will find that you need to have something between you and your chamois pad.

Something that protects your skin and provides a bit of lubrication in the general area is ideal and an essential ingredient in the formula for preventing saddles sores.  Back in The Day when chamois were actually made from animal skin, washing cleaned them but left the chamois dry and rigid.  To help keep the chamois soft, pliable, and absorbent, cyclists would rub a conditioning and moisturizing agent into the chamois prior to putting on their bike shorts.  This substance came to be known as chamois cream.  Today’s synthetic chamois remain soft and supple without the use of chamois cream.  Yet, cyclists in-the-know still use chamois cream.  The product is an ideal way to protect skin from the heat and moisture that accumulates in the saddle/chamois/skin contact area.

There are many different brands of chamois cream.  Each has a slightly different formulation, touting varied ingredients from the mundane (lanolin) to the exotic (tea tree oil).  Given all these choices, how do you find the chamois cream that is right for you?  Look at the chart below, pick one or two brands that sound like they would work for you, and try them.  That’s how you find the best chamois cream for you.






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