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The 13 Commandments of The Bicycle

A reading from The Holy Bible of Cycling, The Book of Merckx, chapter three, verses 11-42: “She looked down and saw Her people walking on the Earth.  She saw that they […]

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Hitting The Pavement — How To Survive The Crash And Live To Tell About It

If you ride a bike long enough, sooner or later you will fall, dump, crash, eat it, kiss the pavement, auger in, endo, lay it down, hit the dirt. Accept The […]

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HomelessVeteranBanner, Colavita, and U.S. Veterans Initiative Announce Special Partnership To Benefit Homeless Veterans

The Southern California Colavita Regional Team is ten years old this year!  To commemorate a decade of riding and racing together, promoting the Colavita brand, and bringing hundreds of new […]

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Building An Athlete’s Personal Brand — Part 1

How do you define yourself? Who are you?  Where do you come from? What are your goals? What makes you unique? These are big questions and it’s important that you are able […]

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Secrets of the Cycling Illuminati

Cycling is a sport shrouded in mystery, full of secrets.  It is experiential.  It is not innate.  The knowledge that you need to be a proficient and successful cyclist can […]

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Getting The Most From Your Energy Gel

Want to maximize the ‘pick-me-up” boost you get from an energy gel?  Here’s how to make sure you get the most out of that little packet of goo: 1. Don’t […]

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Avoid Common Cycling Mistakes!

We all make mistakes.  Getting your high school girlfriend’s name tatooed on your chest.  Buying 1,000 shares of Facebook IPO stock at the opening price. Eating a handful of Habanero […]

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Secrets To Riding In The Cold

So, it’s cold outside.  Not just cold, really cold.  Cold like Milwaukee in January.  Cold like when you had your hand submerged in Uncle Jim’s 60-gallon ice-filled cooler for four […]

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What Rocks And What Doesn’t — The Good/Bad List

What’s worse than a product that sucks?  A product that sucks that you are required to use because one of your sponsors makes it.  Despite popular opinion, ‘free’ does not […]

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The Attack Position — Be Ready For Anything!

What’s the best way to get out of bad situation?  Recite Shakespeare?  No.  Pretend like you have a gun in your jacket?  Nope.  Pray?  Maybe.  The best answer: avoid the […]

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