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Up: The Zen of Climbing

Up! You’re on a bicycle. The road or trail ahead tilts skyward. So, you have a choice to make: turn around and pedal back the way you came or start climbing. […]

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Too Much Bike: Jamis Dakar XCT 650 Team

Too much bike. I know it’s hard to believe. But, this is a case of just too much bike. Let me explain. I’m a minimalist. I like simple, uncomplicated things that are […]

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Heads Up!

“Look where you want to go.”  Ever heard that pithy little saying before?  Well, it’s true, y’know. Whether you are on the road or on the trail, your bike will go […]

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Top 10 Climbs — Mount Lemmon, Tucson, AZ

Rising like a stone monolith out of the southern Arizona desert, Mount Lemmon provides a stark, rocky backdrop to the sprawling city of Tucson.  With an elevation of over 8,000 […]

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Conquering The Climb — Part 1: Developing Good Technique

The road or trail goes up.  It always does at some point in the ride.  There are two types of cyclists: those who hate climbing and those who tolerate climbing.  […]

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