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Too Much Bike: Jamis Dakar XCT 650 Team

Too much bike. I know it’s hard to believe. But, this is a case of just too much bike. Let me explain. I’m a minimalist. I like simple, uncomplicated things that are […]

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The Skinny On Weight Loss For Cyclists

You can never be too rich, too tan, or too thin, right?  Um, wrong.  Being too rich creates all kinds of problems.  Skeptical?  Just ask Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or […]

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The Cyclist’s Guide To Tan Lines

Boxers have black eyes. Surfers have knee knots. Hockey players have missing teeth. Cyclists have tan lines. Most (normal) people consider these things to be sport-related deformities of injuries. But, […]

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Heads Up!

“Look where you want to go.”  Ever heard that pithy little saying before?  Well, it’s true, y’know. Whether you are on the road or on the trail, your bike will go […]

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Signs of Life, Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National P

Navigating The Sand

There are three certainties in mountain biking: 1. You will get dirty; 2. You will crash; 3. You will ride through sand. How you respond to inevitabilities No. 1 and […]

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Your Bike’s New Best Friend

Meet your bike’s new best friend — the used toothbrush. No, really.  Really, really. Unless you are a masochistic Army drill sergeant, vindictive high school football coach, or someone who […]

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Interbike’s Hidden Gems

$6.1 billion in sales. Over 4,000 specialty retailers. 18.4 million units sold. Let’s face it — the U.S. bicycle industry is BIG business. The League of American Bicyclists estimates that […]

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Protect Your Butt! Seven Chamois Creams Reviewed

If you ride long enough, you will find that you need to have something between you and your chamois pad. Something that protects your skin and provides a bit of […]

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The 13 Commandments of The Bicycle

A reading from The Holy Bible of Cycling, The Book of Merckx, chapter three, verses 11-42: “She looked down and saw Her people walking on the Earth.  She saw that they […]

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Old School Meets New Wave: The Turner Czar

I am Old School, but not Old Fashioned. I ride a carbon fiber road bike but I still use mechanical shifters.  My mountain bike is a full suspension rig with […]

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