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Functionally Speaking — The Importance of Upper Body Strength

What does developing and maintaining a strong upper body have to do with being a better cyclist?  A lot. But, before we explain why, it’s critical to make an important distinction: […]

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On The Rack — Getting A Good Workout On The Stationary Trainer

It’s cold.  It’s raining.  It’s windy.  It’s snowing.  How many times have you been looking forward to a great ride the next day only to get up in the morning, […]

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Training When You’re Sick

So, you’re sick. Ugh! You finally caught the ‘creeping crud’ that’s been going around the office.  Or maybe your kids sneezed and coughed on you enough that they gave you their […]

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Welcome to Better-Biking 2.0!

Welcome to Better-Biking 2.0! We are your guide to training strategies, riding techniques, and practical tips to help make you better athlete on and off the bike. This site and […]

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