Hitting The Pavement — How To Survive The Crash And Live To Tell About It


If you ride a bike long enough, sooner or later you will fall, dump, crash, eat it, kiss the pavement, auger in, endo, lay it down, hit the dirt. Accept The […]

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Better-Biking.com, Colavita, and U.S. Veterans Initiative Announce Special Partnership To Benefit Homeless Veterans


The Southern California Colavita Regional Team is ten years old this year!  To commemorate a decade of riding and racing together, promoting the Colavita brand, and bringing hundreds of new […]

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The Benefits of Olive Oil


Everyone at Better-Biking.com loves olive oil.  But, not just any olive oil, though.  We love Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).  It is our favorite. Greek legend has it that […]

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A Few Of Our Photo Favorites


As the official host site of the Southern California Colavita Regional Team, we have lots of opportunities to take photos — photos of cyclists and their bikes, photos of triathletes, […]

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Product Review: Castelli Free 9 Socks


Socks are highly underrated.  They are one of those essential cycling items that can be the difference between an epic ride and and epic fail.  Think about the importance of […]

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Become A Better Athlete — Develop Your Intuition!


For the vast majority of athletes, training focuses solely on the physical.  Every training plan uses the same basic principles to prepare an athlete’s body for competition: stress-rest, progressive resistance, specificity, […]

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Building An Athlete’s Personal Brand — Part 1


How do you define yourself? Who are you?  Where do you come from? What are your goals? What makes you unique? These are big questions and it’s important that you are able […]

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Secrets of the Cycling Illuminati


Cycling is a sport shrouded in mystery, full of secrets.  It is experiential.  It is not innate.  The knowledge that you need to be a proficient and successful cyclist can […]

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Getting The Most From Your Energy Gel


Want to maximize the ‘pick-me-up” boost you get from an energy gel?  Here’s how to make sure you get the most out of that little packet of goo: 1. Don’t […]

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The Death of Coaching


The coach is dead!  Long live the coach! Remember Coach (insert name here)?  Baseball cap.  Whistle on lanyard hanging around his neck.  T-shirt with school/team logo on it.  Khaki shorts. White […]

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